In our pursuit to always be equipped with the latest technology, we have become the most advanced socks factory in the region.

All of our Italian Lonati machines are closed toe with “S by S” technology, which means -stitch by stitch- and allows the seam to be imperceptible, achieving the finest quality finishing and total comfort.

Our finishing areas are also full equipped with the latest Italian technology, we use Tecnopea machines, Lonati's finishing line brand.

R&D and Quality Control

We have a modern laboratory to guarantee the quality of the end product. Some of the equipment we handle in quality control are the Data Color spectrophotometer, an instrument used for the observation and evaluation of color through numerical values, the Martindale test, which measures the pilling and abrasion resistance of our fabrics, the Dinema by Lonati stretching machine, that controls the uniformity of sizes and the light booth to evaluate and guarantee the same color of the product under different lighting conditions.

All these instruments allow us to fully comply with international quality standards.

Quality tests: